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As educators with proven success helping students bolster their test scores and improve their grades, Luke Fronefield and Julio Machado were surprised to see a pattern of "one size fits all" teaching for standardized tests that too often produced mediocre results. This clashed with the duo's firm belief that all students learn differently. In 2007, they founded First Class Prep with the mission "to provide a personalized and superior alternative to average tutors and mega test prep corporations, who push simple gimmicks and tricks as ways to maximize profits while sacrificing their students' potential for greater improvement."

Today, First Class Prep measures its success by the vast number of students who reach and often times exceed their goals, which equates to students scoring higher on tests, improving their grades in classes, getting into their first-choice colleges, and enhancing overall intellectual development. We also measure our success by the hundreds of referrals and testimonials we receive from our clients each year.

Because of our success, we have been able to grow. How do we maintain our superior quality and results? At First Class Prep, we pride ourselves on "hiring the brightest and paying the highest." First Class Prep tutors are graduates of America's most competitive colleges and universities and score in the 99th percentile on the tests they teach. Moreover, our tutors undergo extensive and rigorous training that ensures mastery of all tests, materials and strategies, as well as the sociability and camaraderie essential for instructing teenagers. The founding mission of First Class Prep resonates throughout every aspect of our business, and it starts with our tutors.