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Alison has a Bachelor of Business Administration from Emory University, and holds a Mathematics Grades 6-12 Florida Teaching Certificate. In 2005, she began tutoring classmates in business calculus, and she has been a math tutor ever since. In addition to her 4 years of experience as a high school mathematics teacher, Alison is proud to note that she was also coach of her school’s JV soccer team.

It’s Alison’s personable nature, skill with numbers, and competitive spirit that make her such a successful tutor. Whether it’s SAT or ACT or academic math tutoring, Alison prides herself on her ability to teach core and also enhanced math concepts, helping a wide range of students, from those students struggling mightily with basic math concepts to students taking the highest level math courses.

Alison is the proud mother of a baby girl who will undoubtedly know her long division and times tables by the time she speaks her first words.