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After calling or emailing us, your child is assigned a First Class Prep tutor. All tutoring sessions are one hour and take place at either the student’s home or a convenient location near the student's home or school depending on the tutor’s schedule and availability. For academic tutoring, our tutors can meet with your child on a weekly basis (or even last minute to prep for exams) to build and strengthen important skills, develop effective study habits and improve overall coursework and grades.


The initial session is used to evaluate a student's strengths and weaknesses and to establish a rapport between tutor and student. Based on this initial session, we put together a timeline and personalized game-plan based on the student's strengths and weaknesses, preferences and schedule, and individual scoring goals. We play a significant role in helping students and parents 1) understand the testing process and 2) set goals based on student's scoring potential and college aspirations, and 3) develop a timeline and game-plan for reaching those goals.

Most students meet with their First Class Prep tutor once per week in the months leading up to their SAT and ACT tests. Importantly, students also periodically take full-length timed practice tests to build endurance, measure progress and prepare students for the actual testing experience. The practice tests take place on weekends (usually Sunday mornings). The days and times for tutoring sessions are determined by the tutor and student depending on the student's schedule and preferences.

While the vast majority of students meet with their First Class Prep tutor for several months in advance of their SAT and ACT tests, some parents prefer a package of sessions that includes a pre-determined number of sessions and practice tests, and we're happy to provide these productive and cost-effective options. Our "MASTER" package offers TEN one-on-one sessions and THREE full-length timed practice tests--an ideal offering for parents and students seeking a concise game-plan that maximizes time and costs. Likewise, if you're looking to enhance your prep or get some last-minute help, our "CRUNCH" package (FIVE one-on-one sessions and ONE practice test) is ideal for students seeking a productive refresher or quick burst of knowledge and strategy in the weeks leading up to a test.


For students who need or prefer additional time per session, or more than one session per week, we are happy to provide a discount.


We pride ourselves on the fact that we do not lock parents into long-term contracts. We want students and parents to sign up with us (and refer us to friends and family) because you are absolutely thrilled with our level of expertise, support and results...and not because you're financially obligated due to signing your name to a long-term contract. We want our RESULTS to be the reason you sign up with us and stay with us. As we always say at First Class Prep: Why pay for mediocrity? We score better!