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Margaret graduated Boston College cum laude with an English major and concentration in writing. An award-winning Assistant Editor at Disney’s Hyperion Books imprint (NYC), Margaret’s recent acquisitions include the novel “Home” by Jessica Blank and “Spoon” by acclaimed children’s book author Amy Krause Rosenthal.


“I’ve always been a voracious reader,” says Cardillo, who reads up to two hundred manuscripts in a given year for Disney. Her passion for reading and writing, as well as her expertise in the admissions process make Margaret a vital member of the First Class team. Aside from her talents as writer and editor, Margaret’s experience spans volunteer-work for the admissions office at Boston College. “I loved my time at Boston College.

It seemed a natural extension to work for the admissions department.” While pursuing a degree at the highly prestigious and competitive college, Margaret took time out to meet with prospective students and their parents. “It’s something I’ll never forget,” she says. Recalling her own quest to college, Margaret says “Filling out college applications can be daunting and tedious. But I had a strategy and clear goals and I got into my top choices.” Today, Margaret spends her time helping high schoolers reach similar levels of success. “Working with First Class, I’m able to help high school students find their way.