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"With the help of First Class Prep I went from a 28 to a 32 on my ACT!"Gabby Engel (Ransom Everglades)
(English: 30 to 34, Math: 27 to 31, Reading: 29 to 32, Science: 26 to 31)

"First Class Prep made all the difference for my standardized tests. Not only do the tutors make studying an enjoyable process by being so personable and flexible, but they also provided me with the skills and strategies to achieve my desired score on the SAT. They helped me attain a perfect score on the writing portion, and they brought my reading score up 100 points between two tests (from a 660 to a 760)! When deciding which tutoring service to use, First Class Prep is the way to go!"Alex Swerdlow (Ransom Everglades)

"I tutored for several months with First Class Prep and my scores improved significantly. After a few months of tutoring I was scoring in the 1800’s on practice tests. By the end I scored a 2020 on my official SAT! Overall my tutoring and testing process was a definite success and I could not have asked for a better tutor to help me through it."Ale Oletta (Palmer Trinity)

"Just wanted to say THANK YOU for everything! My composite ACT score went up five points! (26 to 31). I improved on every part of the test, and I couldn't have done it without my (FCP) tutors. You guys rock!"Lauren Beveridge, Gulliver Prep

"I was really impressed by my tutor. He focused on my weak spots and helped me score above range for Ivy League schools. I highly recommend FCP if you're looking for a substantial boost to your scores."Matt Saiontz (Ransom Everglades); accepted early: Yale

"You guys made a huge difference for me on the SAT. I went up 360 points to a 2150! I'm above range for all my colleges now. Thank you!"Nick Gangemi (Palmer Trinity)

"These tests are not about acquiring new knowledge, but about learning how to take the test, and my FCP tutor taught me exactly that. I strongly recommend FCP to anyone seriously looking to improve their SAT/ACT scores."Andrea Rey (Palmer Trinity); +450 points on SAT

"First class prep offers tutoring of the highest caliber. My SAT score improved substantially (over 150 points), enabling me to receive admission to my top choice colleges. I am extremely grateful to my tutor and I highly recommend this program."Helena Buitrago (Carrollton); accepted: Williams, Cornell, Stanford

"I still can't believe my perfect score on the Reading section. Thank you again! I couldn't have done it without your tutoring."Patrick M. (Columbus)
(improved a combined 15 points on his ACT)

"My Reading score went from a 560 to a 650, and my Math score went from a 640 to a 780! Thank you again for your amazing strategies, as well as your time and dedication."Ellie Newman (Palmer Trinity)

"My average scores went up significantly after the first few classes alone. I can honestly attribute my high scores to the practice I had with my FCP tutor. Great guy. Smart guy. And I was always happy to work with him. Thanks!"Andy Duemichen (Ransom Everglades); accepted: University of North Carolina

"All the tutors at First Class Prep helped me improve so much on the ACT and also helped make the college application process way less stressful. I got accepted to my first choice University of Wisconsin Madison and couldn’t have done it without your help! Thanks so much!"Tasha Saieh (Ransom Everglades)

"My SAT score went up 460 points and I scored in the 96th percentile on my ACT. Thanks so much again for all of your help."Kyle Parker (Gulliver); accepted: UF, Tulane, Villanova

"Thank you so much again for your tutoring on my SAT and SAT II's. My SAT score went up 380 points and I still can't believe how much I've improved in Math. I'm looking forward to working with you on my college applications!"Francesca Fuertes, Palmer Trinity

"I improved 320 points on my SAT. On my way to Middlebury. Thank you FCP!"Thomas Deakin, Ransom Everglades
accepted: BC, UNC, Emory, Middlebury

"I’m proud to say that I’m on my way to Georgetown. I can’t thank you guys enough for helping me on my SATs and college applications. You guys took away the stress and made it easy. Thank you sooooo much!"Katia Teran, Carrollton
accepted to her first choice: Georgetown

"I sincerely thank the tutors at First Class Prep for always going the extra mile to help me. With your strategies, I went from the 65th to 85th percentile on my SAT and earned admission to UF. I didn’t even consider UF as an option when I began preparing for the SAT…and now I’ll be there next fall! Thank you again for your help on my tests and applications."Taylor Hughes, Naples High School
accepted: University of Florida, University of Miami, Florida State University

"Just got word I was accepted Early Decision to George Washington University! This would not have been possible without you guys. Thank you so much again for all of your help on the SAT and my essays!"Gina Badian, Ransom Everglades
accepted to her first choice: G.W.

"Working with Luke was a great experience. I learned quickly the importance of preparation for this test, and Luke made sure that my preparation paid off. His strategies on Math and Reading helped me score higher than I ever thought possible. Working with him was well worth my time. I recommend his tutoring services every chance I get."Steven F. Rodriguez, Gulliver Prep
+ 520 points from his PSAT

"I want to say thank you so much to my tutors at First Class Prep for all of your help and support these past few months. My original goal was to break 1800 on the SAT, but you guys encouraged me to think and work towards something "bigger." I was so surprised and happy when the score came back and I saw that I broke 2,000. I truly feel like I'm in a better position applying to colleges now, especially with your guidance and support on the essays. I'll of course let you know when the big decisions come in the mail!"Kristin Piacentile, Saddle River Day High School
Kristin was recently admitted to her first choice college: NYU
+ 340 points

"First Class is the best! Working with them on my SATs wasn't ever boring and I ended up doing much better on the test than I expected. Later on I worked with them on my college applications and everything went just as smoothly. My top choice for college was Wesleyan and I got in."Danny Granatell, Ramapo High School - accepted: Wesleyan
+ 380 points from PSAT

"I'm SO happy with my SAT scores and college applications. You guys helped boost my score to a level I didn't think was possible in the beginning. Thank you so much for all the strategies and confidence. You made the whole process so easy. I'm recommending you to all my friends who are juniors."Brooke Kristensen, Mahwah High School
+ 310 points

"I started working with First Class Prep my junior year of high school after the PSATs. After a few months of preparation and two SAT tests (May and October), I’m thrilled to say that the work paid off. My math score went up 150 points (from a 530 on the PSAT to a 680 on the SAT). Not only that, but my Writing score went up 120 points (from a 520 to a 640). What I’m most proud of though is my improvement on the Critical Reading section. When I first started meeting with First Class, my vocabulary and reading comprehension skills weren’t as strong as my math and grammar skills. I had trouble on the sentence completion and reading questions; the words were confusing and the passages were difficult to understand. Needless to say, my mind wandered. But First Class instructors gave me the confidence and strategies to do well on this section. Every session I kept getting better. And the best part of it was the tutors didn’t just have me memorize vocabulary and read a lot at home. They were with me every step of the way to explain each type of problem, but then made sure I had the confidence and skills to do the problems independently. They taught me strategies that helped me get questions right even when I didn’t know the definitions of certain words or I didn’t have the strongest grasp of a particular reading passage. Over time, my tutors helped me get more comfortable with the SAT to the point that I knew what to expect. They gave me my own strategy for taking the test. On the 11th grade PSAT, I scored a 420 on the Critical Reading section. On my October SAT, I scored a 740 on the Critical Reading section, and my final score on the SAT was a 2060. I’m so happy I used First Class Prep. I recommend them to everybody."Jess Safir, Ramapo High School (Fairfield University)
+ 590 Points

"First Class makes it so easy. They gave me my own strategies and game-plan for the SAT and met with me on countless occasions to revise my college essays. I scored a lot higher and got into my top choices."Emily Empel, Ramapo High School - accepted: Villanova, Boston University, TCNJ
+ 420 points from PSAT