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"As a parent of three children, I needed an SAT/ACT tutor that was flexible enough to adapt to the needs of my very different children. My older daughter Nicole had been working with a different tutor for 3 months and had not made much progress. After switching to FCP she not only increased her scores but gained admission to her first choice school. My middle daughter had a specific area of weakness. FCP worked with her strategically and she increased her scores by 250 points in those areas. For our youngest who will be a junior this fall, FCP will continue to be our first choice!"Ofe Chiavacci (Ransom Everglades)
Nicole -Dartmouth Class of 2014
Savannah-Early Decision Duke University 2012
Adam- Ransom Class of 2014

"It was my obligation to find the best tutor possible for my daughter Pauline so that she could score as high as possible on the SAT. However, the first tutor I found and with whom Pauline worked for almost 6 months was ineffective and a total waste of money.

This all changed when I hired First Class Prep. Within the first two sessions, Pauline was at ease and understanding the material without dreading the test anymore. Her tutor knew instinctively how to teach Pauline the fastest and easiest way to take this type of standardized test. Pauline's test scores went up during every practice test, and, in the end, she scored beyond expectations gaining admission into her first choice school in Boston along with all the other schools she applied to. First Class Prep’s tutoring for the SAT made all the difference."
Barbara Hevia, Parent, Palmer Trinity

"Thank you FCP! Gabriel was accepted early into UPenn's Engineering program and Andy is doing great, got accepted into the Kenan Flagler Business School at UNC. Couldn't be happier for them. Thanks again for your tutoring!"Elisa Duemichen (Ransom Everglades)

"Lauren met with amazing success from her tutoring sessions with you at First Class Prep. We are very grateful for your ability to communicate with her, focus on her as an individual and guide her. Lauren was happily accepted to Georgetown, Washington University and Cornell... Josh as you know is currently working hard with you and is very focused on the path and direction you have him focusing on for his test scores. Josh is very pleased with the results so far from his ACT scores. Thank you!"Leslie & Ian Kaplan (Ransom Everglades)

"My daughter specifically wanted tutoring to improve her Math SAT scores, and her Math and Science ACT scores. Through Skype (we live in Mexico City) my daughter was able get the tutoring she needed. With only a few weeks of tutoring, her math scores on the SAT improved by 60 points from a 600 to a 660. Her math score on the ACT improved from a 28 to a 32 and her Science score improved from a 26 to a 32! We were very pleased with the results, and happy to say that Alina was recently accepted to Brown, Stanford, Columbia, Wesleyan, UChicago, and Barnard."Nancy Aksiyote

"I wanted to share with you the good news that Daniel was accepted to the Huntsman Program at the University of Pennsylvania. We are very grateful for your contribution to making his application a success!"Carlos Gonzalez; son Daniel (Gulliver Prep)improved SAT score from a 2120 to a 2310; accepted to his first choice: the prestigious Huntsman Program at UPenn

"On behalf of my daughter Katia Teran, we would like to thank you for your outstanding work and high level of professionalism. Needless to say, our daughter scored a great deal higher on her SAT thanks to your tutoring, and she was also admitted to her top colleges thanks to your help on her college essays. Many thanks to you!!!!"Roger and Anabel Teran, Carrollton School
accepted: Georgetown, Boston College

"My husband and I are extremely happy with the “Early Bird” SAT program! In addition to gradually preparing our son Carlos for the SAT, Luke continues to help him with homework and overall study habits. We've seen Carlos' grades and test scores improve significantly since he started working with Luke. For these reasons, we highly recommend First Class Prep tutoring."Marcelo and Lourdes Fanjul, Columbus High School

"We've sent all three of our children to First Class Prep. They've been a guiding light for us as teachers and motivators. We are thrilled with our children's scores and applications. I recommend them highly."Antoinette Wagner, Parent, Bergen Academy

"I can't thank you enough for all of your guidance and continued support throughout the SAT testing and college applications. Thank you for always working with our hectic schedule and always being so flexible with your time and, most importantly, always giving 110%. You really know how to relate to students as well as to parents, which is a remarkable talent. Taylor is so grateful for your help. Thanks again."Valerie Hughes, Parent, Naples High School
Daughter Taylor accepted: UF

" My son Steven was fortunate enough to work with Luke. We knew how overwhelming SAT preparation could be for a student-athlete such as my son, and we really did not see how he could get his score to improve, mainly due to our hectic schedules and my son’s sports commitments. However, when we presented Luke with such time constraints, he was not only flexible with his time but extremely willing to help. Because of his relatively young age, Luke related to Steven extremely well, making the sessions much more comfortable. Luke's expertise with the SAT alleviated all of the stress for us and helped Steven feel more prepared and confident in his ability to take the test. We were amazed and very excited when we got his score! I accredit much of my son’s success to Luke, and I highly recommend his tutoring."Gladys Palacios, Gulliver Parent

"Hey Luke, Thanks for all your very hard work with James. It is not easy to keep him on track -- only you could have done it! And for this, I am truly grateful. Thank again."Laura Hartmann, Parent, Ramapo High School

"My daughter had been to other tutors before going to First Class Prep and it really wasn’t helping. After just one session with FCP she got in the car and said 'It’s finally clicking."Claudia Kristensen, Parent, Mahwah High School