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Zack graduated from Duke University with a Neuroscience major. As an aspiring doctor, he spent his undergraduate years shadowing brain surgeons, volunteering in hospitals, and doing scientific research. Most recently Zack worked with a team developing a novel therapy for brain tumors based on diet and nutrition that would potentially replace the need for chemotherapy drugs.

Zack tutors the Reading, Writing and Math sections of the SAT, as well as all four sections of the ACT, and with his strong math and science background he tutors high school students in Algebra, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Biology, and Physics.

An avid sports fan, Zack spends his free time playing soccer and golf, and on game day you will often find him wearing his Duke blue in support of his Blue Devils basketball team. A New Orleans native and Hurricane Katrina refugee, Zack also roots for his hometown Saints football team.