“As a parent of three children, I needed SAT/ACT tutors who were flexible enough to adapt to the needs of my very different children. My older daughter Nicole had been working with a tutor for 3 months and had not made much progress. After switching to First Class Prep she not only increased her scores by a great deal but she also earned admission to Dartmouth. My middle daughter had a specific area of weakness. Her FCP tutor worked with her strategically and she increased her SAT scores by 250 points in those areas. FCP provided the same amazing instruction and strategies for our son, Adam, who scored in the highest percentiles on his tests. We’re so happy that we found First Class Prep, and we highly recommend their tutors!”
• Ofe Chiavacci (Ransom Everglades)
• Nicole- Dartmouth
• Savannah- Duke
• Adam- Harvard 

 “Good morning! Just wanted to let you know that Katrina got her June ACT scores back and she got a 34 composite! Thanks to you guys she scored 36 in both English and Reading, a 33 in Science and her Math went from a 26 to a 30! This was huge in helping Katrina earn a full Trustee Merit scholarship at USC! We’re really happy for her and SOOOO appreciative of everything you did to help get her there! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!”
• Carolina Hernandez (Palmer Trinity, USC)


“I went from a 26 on my practice test to a 30 on my first official ACT test, and then a 32 on my second test, and a 35 on my third test! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
• Francesca Penaranda (Palmer Trinity, Penn)

“My SAT score went up 320 points and I got into Babson! Thank you!!!!”
• Gabriel Almeida (Gulliver, Babson)

“I want to thank you guys for providing not only incredibly helpful strategies and insights, but also for doing it in a way that kept me calm and balanced as standardized tests bring out the inevitable nerves and stress. You guys made the tests and tutoring process easy and fun. I never thought I’d end up with a 35 on my ACT and 700+ on all of my SAT subject tests, but you helped me get there!”
• Alain Carles (Ransom, Dartmouth)

“My math score went up 180 points!”
• Ivy McWilliams (Ransom Everglades, Vassar)

Thanks to you guys I scored a 1420 on my first SAT. Your strategies and tricks helped so much! Thank you again for everything!”
• Sebastiano Malvezzi (Ransom Everglades, Sr)

“With the help of First Class Prep I went from a 28 to a 32 on my ACT!”
• Gabby Engel (Ransom Everglades)
(writing: 30 to 34; math: 27 to 31; reading: 29 to 32; science: 26 to 31)

“It was truly a pleasure and privilege to have both of my children work with the wonderful team at First Class Prep! Our daughter ended up pursuing her dream major at her dream school (NYU) while our son did the same at Harvard. We give the First Class Prep team our highest possible recommendation. Besides being consummate professionals, all team members are exceedingly personable and courteous well above the norm.”
• Carlos Asilis (Gulliver)
• Amelia – NYU
• Julian – Harvard

“Just wanted to say THANK YOU for everything! My composite ACT score went up five points! (26 to 31). I improved on every part of the test, and I couldn’t have done it without your tutors. You guys rock!”
• Lauren Beveridge (Gulliver)

“First Class Prep made all the difference on my SAT. They helped me bring my reading score up 100 points between two tests (from a 660 to a 760)!”
• Alex Swerdlow (Ransom Everglades, U. Chicago)

“Lauren met with amazing success from her tutoring sessions with you at First Class Prep. We are very grateful for your ability to communicate with her, focus on her as an individual and guide her. Lauren was happily accepted to Georgetown, Washington University and Cornell.”
• Leslie Kaplan (parent, Ransom Everglades)

“After a few months of tutoring I was scoring in the mid-600’s on my Reading and Math sections on the SAT. And then I scored over 700 in both sections on my official SAT!
• Ale Oletta (Palmer Trinity)

“My reading score went from a 560 to a 650, and my Math score went from a 640 to a 780! Thank you again for your amazing strategies.”
• Ellie Newman (Palmer Trinity)

“My daughter Alina specifically wanted tutoring to improve her Math and Science ACT scores. Through Skype (we live in Mexico City) with First Class Prep she was able to get the tutoring she needed. Her math score improved from a 28 to a 32 and her Science score improved from a 26 to a 32! We were very pleased with the results, and happy to say that Alina was recently accepted to Brown, Stanford, Columbia, Wesleyan, U. Chicago, and Barnard!”
• Nancy Aksiyote (Mexico City)