Some students look at a triangle and see three lines. Other students see 180 degrees. Many see a Christmas tree while others feel a sense of impending doom at the prospect of solving a seemingly complex Geometry problem. Then again, the same students who struggle in Geometry might jump at the opportunity to solve an Algebra II question. There are students who think and learn spatially, and there are students who think and learn numerically. There are students who learn vocabulary literally, and there are students who absorb vocabulary based on context and connotation. Some students can read an entire reading passage without stopping, comprehend it, and answer the questions chronologically. Other students—the vast majority of students—are easily bored or distracted and can benefit from a strategy that breaks the passage down into bite-size pieces.

The point is this: We all look at things and learn things in different ways. Yet, most tutors and test-prep companies use the same materials and teaching methods for all of their students. Even worse, students and their parents often don’t realize they’re being shortchanged. This is why FIRST CLASS PREP exists. Put simply, we want to help our students recognize and fulfill their true testing and academic potential.

At First Class Prep, we firmly believe that all students are built differently and all students learn differently. Therefore, each student deserves personalized instruction and an individual strategy for mastering the SAT, ACT, and other standardized tests. Our tutors are experts in their fields with extensive experience and proven resultshelping students bolster their scores. We work one-on-one with students, identifying weaknesses and developing easy-to-apply strategies to maximize a student’s scores. One benefit of higher scores is that your child improves his or her position dramatically in the college admissions process. Another benefit of our personalized tutoring is that students improve their study habits, coursework and grades. We measure our success by our students exceeding their short-term testing goals while enhancing overall intellectual development. Why pay for mediocrity? We score better.


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