Luke Fronefield

After graduating Dickinson College, Luke was asked to tutor the son of a family friend, Charlie, who wanted to boost his SAT score by 200 points. After developing a curriculum based on his own studies and experience, Luke met weekly with Charlie and ultimately helped him bolster his score by 300 points. It was not long before Luke was receiving dozens of calls from the parents of Charlie’s classmates and friends. More than 10 years later, Luke has increased the size and scope of his tutoring, co-founding FIRST CLASS PREP, but maintains the philosophy and standards that proved so beneficial for Charlie: personalized tutoring focused on maximizing a student’s strengths while simultaneously improving and mitigating a student’s weaknesses. Luke tutors students in the SAT, ACT, SAT II subjects, and academic classes.


Julio Machado

Julio has a Bachelor of Arts degree in History and Literature from Harvard University, as well as a Master of Fine Arts in poetry writing. He has perfect scores in the SAT, ACT, and GRE tests, and has worked as a question writer for PrepScholar and other practice test material companies. He has been tutoring in the test preparation field for over 15 years, and currently oversees hiring and training for First Class Prep. Julio believes that each student is unique, and there is no single strategy or approach that will work for every student. As such, he trains the instructors at First Class Prep to identify each student’s particular needs, and to tailor our program to best address those needs. Although his responsibilities at FCP keep him quite busy, Julio also maintains a small roster of his own students.

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